Have you ever thought about moving from District 7 to Vinhomes Central Park?

As there are a few international schools, such as Japanese, Korean in District 7 area, it is one of the most popular area amongst expats. 

We have received numerous enquires about moving from District 7 to Vinhomes recently. 

We strongly recommend moving from District 7 to Vinhomes Central Park. Let's explore the pros and cons of this option. 

If you belongs to one of the circumstances below, moving away from District 7 may not be the best option. 


▼We do not recommend moving away from District 7, if you:

1. Enjoy the peaceful environment in District 7

2. Work in District 6 

3. Have kids who go to school in District 7, even during the weekend. 

The Pros of Moving from District 7 to Vinhomes Central Park 


Number 1: You will save a lot of commuting time to work

On average, it takes about 1 hour to commute from central District 1 to District 7, meaning 2 hours round trip every day. If you go to work 5 days a week, the total hours you will be in the car is 500 hours (or 21 days) each year.

In Japan or other countries, it may sound normal but Ho Chi Minh City is a compact City, we do believe that it would be a waste of time to travel that long. It would be more meaningful if you could spend those hours with your family. 


Number 2: The property quality, and management will be better 

Properties in District 7 are often known for difficult owners, constructions problems and sometimes unhelpful management office. 

It is not guarantee that Vinhomes Central Park will provide top level property and management quality, but it is expected to be improved. 

Moving there may save you a lot of troubles in the future. 


Number 3: Time and distance travelling to school by bus

If your kids go to any school in District 2, or any Districts other than 7, they will spend much less time on the bus. 

Even if they go to school in District 7, the distance and time will be a little longer, but we believe it will not be so bad for the children. 

You may face robbery and street snatchers, but it is fairly safe to travel by bus around the city. 

And your children will surely love to spend more time with the friends on the bus than by themselves. 


Number 4: You will be much closer to District 1 and District 2 

District 1 is known as most covenient area in Ho Chi Minh City, it is also where the Japanese town and CBD located. 

Living in Binh Thanh District means that you will be much closer to District 1, everything will be done quicker, even if you just want to grab a quick bite. 

You will also be closer to District 2, where you can find many cool and funky Western style restaurants 

It will be much quicker to travel to the airport from Binh Thanh District. 



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