Option Service

VIETNAMHOUSE offers various extra services.

Problems solving

We will take care of problems related to leasing properties as well as proplems with owners from the beginning till the end of leasing contract. After years of working in the business, we have developed good relationship with property owners.

Want to hire a maid (baby-sitting) and a security guard!

If you have difficulties in finding the right people, we can help you by introducing trusted people.

Want to apply for a VISA!

You may have trouble with getting a VISA, or you may be requested to pay high price by different service providers. With connections, we can support you to get a VISA at reasonable cost.

Adding extra services to the lease

Under our management, apartments and extra service could come as a package. Fees such as light and fuel fees, room cleaning or laundry service, swimming pools and gym entrance fees, etc. are possibly included in the rent under negotiated contract.

Air-conditioner cleaning, gas replenishing

The air conditioner doesn't work well or gets dirty? In case you do not get support from the owner, VIETNAMHOUSE can introduce you reliable fixing companies.

Washing machine cleaning

If you are concerned with washing machines cleaning, we can arrange people to clean them thoroughly. The cost is reasonable as well, so please feel free to contact us.

Pest control

Vietnam is a tropical country. Therefore, no matter how carefully a property is managed, insects are unavoidable. If the owner does not cover this task or if you want to get your house disinfected, please contact us.

Interior-design company introduction

If you wish to decorate the interiors of your house or your office, we can introduce reliable Japanese interior-design companies. We often hear stories about construction with failure in interior-design which is really a struggle. We can introduce companies who are reliable in offering design services at reasonable price.

We offer the above-mentioned services to a wide range of customers.
Whether you use our property leasing agency service or not, please do not hesitate to contact us.
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