VIETNAMHOUSE’s fire insurance policy

What is the original reason of fire insurance?? 

In Japan, fire insurance is an insurance against damages caused by a fire. In addition, it also includes lightning strikes, sudden bursts, theft ... Fire insurance is not only to protect people but also to protect assets dependent on construction. 

Status of insurance participants in Vietnam 

Today, the risk of fire and explosion always threatens to property, machinery, goods, houses, buildings, construction ... you will suffer heavy losses and unforeseen when risk occurs. Compulsory fire insurance, fire and special risks insurance are the most effective solutions to risks. In Vietnam, the number of participants is still very small In addition, the fire insurance required by the owner. In according to the law, it will not protect any problem due to negligence of the lessee and does not guarantee all rights of Ownership of the lessee. Moreover, there are many homeowners who are not insured for their condominiums. However, seeing the fact that fire has been a reason of many damages, Japan companies are increasing aware of the importance of fire insurance. 

If you want to participate in fire insurance in Vietnam 

If you are not sure about your insurance rights, you can contact insurance companies directly through the real estate companies in your area (including Japanese companies). Since there are differences in pricing, content and quality of service between insurance companies, we need to verify and learn about it. In Vietnam, apart from Japan, assets are equipped, so the risk may also be different. Please refer to all such issues from a real estate company

In order to deal with these conditions, Vietnamhouse provides you lessee agreement with home insurance contract (since November 2018). Home Insurance is a Japanese-style upgrade that includes fire insurance such as fire, lightning, thunderstorms, and floods.

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