Tips for renting accommodation

If you have decided which real estate agency to view the accommodation with, we suggest to focus on the below points during inspection. After you decided on the properties, there are places that can be fixed but there are also places where nothing can be done. It is not easy to terminate the contract after you have moved in, so it is always better to check important points during inspection.


▼Please let the Agency know the essential conditions such as:

・Your budget (Tax inclusive or exclusive)

・Personal contract or Company contract

・Contract term

・Move in date

・Number of people living

・Types of properties (Serviced Apartments, Condos, etc)

・Number of bedrooms

・Location (your required location or distance from a certain location) 

・Living with pets or not

・Your available schedule for inspection. 



▼Meeting up for inspection 

・Usually the Agency will provide the car for transportation, so if you plan to travel by bike, please let us know in advance. 

・Meeting point can be at the Agency office, your hotel or the first property. 

・You are not required to bring along any special items, maybe passport or a pen. If you are looking to move in immediately, it would be better to bring one month rent to secure the place. 



▼What to focus during inspection?

We recommend to check both the interior and surrounding area when you are seeing the properties. Please feel free to ask the agent any questions you have. 

・If you plan to move around by taxi, make sure that the location is easy to catch a taxi. 

・If you plan to move around by motorbike, make sure that the area is not flooded easily after a heavy rain. 

・Check if there are any supermarkets or convenience stores nearby

・Check if the water pressure is alright for you, usually the higher floor will have weaker water pressure 

・Owner's characteristics

・If you are sensitive to sound, check if there are any noises around. 

・Small items of furniture (such as tablewares, cookwares) 

・Check if the hot water tank is enough for the bathtub size. 

※Other points such as hot water, internet, A.C can be check after moved in, and can be fixed if there are any problems. 


▼Other FAQs

[Q]What is Tax invoice/ Red invoice? 

In Vietnam, the VAT is 10%. If the rent is paid by a company, your company will request for tax invoice and it means adding another 10% on top of the rent, in order to receive tax invoice. 

※Depending on the area in Vietnam, the types of tax invoce may vary. Feel free to check with your agent for more details.

[Q]What is the deposit? 

Usually the owner will ask for a deposit of 1-3 months rent. This is to guarantee that you will stay at the property according to the agreed contract term. When you move out according to the contract expiry date, if there is no damages to any furnitures and you have paid all the bills, the deposit will refunded to you in full. However, if you move out earlier than the contract expiry date, there is a high chance that the deposit will be forfeited by the landlord.  

[Q]How much is service charge?

At VietnamHouse, we offer free service charge for any contracts from 1 year or more at office building, condos and service apartments. We offer free support for you as well. 
For any contracts under 1 year, or special properties such as villa/house, restaurants space. 

[Q]What happened upon contract termination?

Basically contracts will be followed and your deposit will be returned. If the contract is terminated by the Tenant, it is very likely that the deposit will be forfeited. 

[Q]Is it possible to pay by other currency than VND? 

If you do not need tax invoice, it is possible to pay by USD. Make sure you check this term before signing the contract. 

[Q]How to pay for the deposit and rent? 

There are 4 commons types of payment method


・Bank transfer within Vietnam

・Bank transfer internationally

・Credit card (usually there is a service charge)

[Q]Is it possible to make a short term contract?

For condos or houses, the standard contract term is at least 1 year. For some other service apartments, they sometimes accept short term contract. Beware that for shorter term, the rent could be more expensive, and there are also service charge from the agency. 


[Q]Can I schedule an inspection on weekend or holiday? 

Most of the Agency are closed on Sunday and holiday. Also, the owner may not be available on those days. Make sure to schedule an inspection in advance. 


[Q]Is it necessary to buy Fire insurance for my contract?

In Vietnam, buying Fire insurance is not common for the Tenants. The owners of condo is legally required to by Fire insurance for the apartment, but usually it will not cover the furnitures, fixing or belongings in the apartment.  

※Our Tenants are provided with Household Insurance when you sign the contract through VietnamHouse. 


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