Source of drinking water in Ho Chi Minh City

In Ho Chi Minh City or Vietnam in general, it is not recommended to drink tap water.

In Ho Chi Minh City, the water purification system has been improved system in recent years, the purified water seems to have a little difference from Japan. However, the deterioration of the water quality due to degradation, pollution and rust pipes, domestic water tanks at condominiums, and sewage (plumbing) from water purification plant could be considered as a problem. Besides, it is reported that the amount of chlorine in water is 10 times more than in Japan, so we advise not to use this tap water for cooking or drinking directly.

  • We do not recommend drinking water from kettle and it may containt trihalomethane, which can cause cancer.

We would like to introduce the three safest type of drinking water:

1. PET bottles: suitable for those who do not cook at home. Below are the famous brands: 
- Lavie: It is often mistaken as hard water, but it is actually soft water. It is the only mineral water branch in Vietnam. 
- Aquafina by Pepsi: Soft water. It is close to pure water with bacteria and minerals removed.  
- Dasani: Soft water. It is similar to Japanese Iroha and the bottles can be crushed after drinking. 

2. Ordering 19 Litre bottles : suitable for those who often cook at home. You can choose the ones with tap or without tap. 
Below is the delivery service recommended by us:
- Kirifuri: Soft water. Phone number: 0903.815.594

3. Water purifier: suitable for those who cook frequently as it can be installed in the kitchen. 
We recommend you to use both water purifier and 19 Litres water bottles.
If you are interested in using water purifer, we are pleased to introduce some reliable suppliers.
The types that we recommended can be used for 1 year, then filters can be changed for every one year. 
Unlike PET bottles and 19 Liter bottles, where you need to wait for deliver, water purifer can be set up by kitchen sink, making it more convenient than other types. 
Using water purifer is surely one of the safer way to drink water. 

If you are wondering when it's better to use tap water, we hope that our recommendation below can help you. 

✔️Toothbrushing, gargling: tap water

✔️Shower, facial cleaning: tap water

✔️Room cleaning: tap water

✔️Making tea or drinks: drinking water

✔️Washing rice: rinse with tap water the first time, then the next time with drinking water

✔️Cooking rice: drinking water

✔️Making soup: drinking water

✔️Boiling noodles: drinking water

✔️Cooking vegetables: drinking water

✔️Washing vegetables: tap water

✔️Washing dishes and pots: tap water


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